The UN2020 Campaign has maintained an active advocacy effort in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the Declaration for the Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations that is being negotiated by governments in a process co-facilitated by ambassadors from Qatar and Sweden.

Much of this work has involved dialogue with member states and representatives from the Qatar and Swedish missions. Some of the published documents central to these advocacy efforts are linked below.

Earlier this spring the Co-Facilitators published an “Elements Paper” outlining the constituent parts of a proposed Declaration. In response to the Elements Paper UN2020 distributed at the end of March a Communiqué, which was sent to media representatives and all member states. And on April 20 a more detailed “Response to the Elements Paper” document was provided to Member States with additional feedback.

By mid-May the Co-Facilitators released their “zero draft” of the proposed declaration. In addition to consultations with governments, they received views from civil society, including the UN2020 Campaign. A letter from UN2020 and Together First was sent to all member states, based on the recently launched UN75 People’s Declaration and Plan for Global Action. Subsequently (May 26) a UN2020 submission provided the Co-Facilitators and member states with detailed, text-based suggested improvements to the Zero Draft.