C4UN-GGIN Our Common Agenda Summary of Key Elements

Prepared by Nudhara Yusuf on behalf of Coalition for the UN We Need and the Global Governance Innovation Network, December 2021

The Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN) provides an open forum for civil society, member states and the United Nations to promote the renewal, innovation, and strengthening of the United Nations system. We support and initiate partnerships, activities, campaigns, information-gathering and sharing, progressive ideas, leadership, and advocacy that advance action on the UN75 Political Declaration and the UN75 People’s Declaration & Global Plan for Action. 

The Global Governance Innovation Network (GGIN) brings world-class scholarship together with international policy-making to address fundamental global governance challenges, threats, and opportunities. Research focuses on the development of institutional, policy, legal, normative, and operational improvements in the global governance architecture. The Global Governance Innovation Network is led by a consortium consisting of the Stimson Center, the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS), Plataforma CIPÓ, and Leiden University.

This report serves as a background document to summarise the Our Common Agenda (OCA) report and facilitate discussions on advocacy efforts on the Road to OCA-recommended summits in 2023 & 2025.