The Global Futures Forum will comprise two days of discussions and action in a hybrid format to ensure global reach, preceded by multiple consultation tracks (e.g., regional & national forums, e-consultations, an open call for short global governance innovation briefs, and a monthly OCA dialogue series), immediately followed by a “Civil Society-UN Missions Engagement Day.”


  1. Explore the design, feasibility, and potential impact of wide ranging proposals, from the unique vantage point of civil society, as a contribution to the Summit of the Future’s preparations.
  2. Raise awareness, build ownership, and mobilize energy around the promise of the Summit of the Future to deliver on an ambitious set of outcomes that reinforce and help to accelerate the achievement of a reformed UN system and Agenda 2030. Model true partnership and creativity worldwide among civil society to ensure active and equal participation across age groups, geographic representation, professional disciplines, and other forms of global diversity.

Key Objectives 

  1. Finalize and widely socialize a “People’s Pact for the Future” to feed diverse civil society ideas and insights into official discussions on the Pact for the Future. This will be drafted by a core group and based on: e-consultations, regional forums, an open call for short global governance innovation briefs, a C4UN-BIC OCA Dialogue series, a GGIN Global Policy Dialogue series, recommendations from CSO campaigns, etc. The main pillars for the People’s Pact for the Future and Global Futures Forum will be aligned with the Summit of the Future agenda. For example:
    1. Future Generations: Addressing today’s urgent matters while bearing in mind and taking into consideration impacts on future generations 
    2. Reform the global financial architecture to reduce global inequality and achieve the 2030 Agenda & Paris Agreement
    3. Build inclusive, just, and peaceful societies through a New Agenda for Peace and an Emergency Platform
    4. Adopt a Global Digital Compact for an open, free, and secure digital future for all
    5. Promote meaningful engagement in governance, especially for youth, women, and vulnerable populations in the Global South

  1. Feed diverse, intergenerational perspectives into the Summit of the Future consultative processes and negotiations. A youth engagement track parallel to the Global Futures Forum is planned. Additionally, we are considering a “Civil Society-UN Missions Engagement Day” in New York immediately after the gathering. Beyond the forum, these tracks could:
    1. Champion the innovative, concrete, and research backed voices of youth through a series of written inputs from young authors, researchers, and activists, including from indigenous communities.
    2. Support CSO advocacy and Member States with tools for effective engagement in the Summit’s preparations at the time of the GFF and following, through such tools as a regular bulletin, policy briefs, an interactive, web-based outreach platform and other knowledge products and resources in support of the intergovernmental negotiations.

  1. Encourage the convening of diverse civil society-led coalitions and networks worldwide through, for example, National and Regional Forums, thematic “deep dive” Global Policy Dialogues, and global policy-oriented research in the lead-up to the Global Futures Forum, each ensuring proportionate representation from Global South actors. 

Facilitating Universal Participation:

  • We are working, and welcome support with, establishing a Global South Travel Fund as a key “ask” of foundations and government donors.
  • Those organizations and individuals with the means to do so are expected to fund their own participation.
  • Well-resourced organizations attending the GFF will be encouraged to sponsor CSO delegates from the Global South who require assistance with travel and accommodations, including through NYC homestays.
  • To the extent possible, align the gathering with a major convening in New York when participants are already planning to be together