Taking into account the UNGA discussions of Our Common Agenda and preparations for the Summit of the Future,  in 2022 the Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN) revised its three-year strategic plan (2021-2023) which included a reorganization of its management and engagement structures to make it more democratic, inclusive and representative of global civil society as we made the transition from UN2020 into the C4UN.

C4UN Membership Categories for Organizations

  • Partners are organizations involved in the substantive work of the Coalition
  • They both commit to and implement the campaigns, programs, advocacy, and all other activities of the Coalition
  • They are the proactive and generative actors in the Coalition and its advancement is dependent on their work
  • Partners are closely involved in the strategic direction of the network and are asked to make time to contribute to the work of the Coalition, often serving as co-chairs of subcommittees or engaging substantively through resources and/or time
  • Partners support the principles and contribute to the advocacy and leadership of the People’s Pact for the Future

Partner benefits include:

  • Only Partners can apply to become members of the C4UN Steering Committee
  • Facilitate standing committees, thematic & regional consultations, and multilateral innovation hubs as required
  • Proactively help to chart the course of C4UN
  • Interface with UN Member States, the UN Secretariat, and other stakeholders on behalf of C4UN
  • Speak on behalf of C4UN in relevant meetings, fora, and media
  • Have their work featured on the C4UN website, newsletters, and communications platforms, including social media

  • Members are organizations who follow and participate in the work of the Coalition
  • They contribute to advancing the Coalition’s mission and goals
  • They utilize the Coalition to share information, intelligence, and general, relevant updates. And they align with the vision and principles of C4UN
  • Members support the principles of the People’s Pact for the Future 
  • Members follow the work of C4UN through the relevant mailing list

  • Supporters are civil society organizations (CSOs) and individuals who:
    • are part of the Coalition mailing list
    • participate in Coalition activities, but do not fit in either of the other categories