February 7, 2019

Dear colleagues,

Many thanks to those who participated at the January 30 UN2020 civil society videoconference. Audio (below) and video recordings from the call are available.

Below you will find the agenda as well as links to documents that were mentioned during the meeting.

As noted at the conclusion of the meeting, we would welcome your suggestions for improving this process. Please contact Florencia Gor.

We would like to schedule the next UN2020 videoconference for Wednesday, March 6th  2019 at 9 am EST.  

We would also like to build a shared calendar with all the upcoming initiatives in any way related to UN2020. These should not only include conferences where UN2020 will be part of the program, but also initiatives that UN2020 should be aware of and/or intend to be a part of. We welcome your contributions to this event mapping exercise.  

With our best regards,

Florencia Gor, Jeffery Huffines, Fergus Watt On behalf of the UN2020 Coordination Group

A) Agenda

1. Meeting introduction  (Florencia Gor)

2. Overview update (Fergus Watt) 

3. Recent and upcoming meetings with UN missions, OPGA  (Fergus Watt/Bette Levy)

3.1 Doha Forum and Paris Peace Forum, incl Together First (Richard Ponzio / Natalie Samarasinghe)

3.2 Commission on Social Development side event (Jeffery Huffines)

3.3 PyeongChang Global Peace Forum (Bill Pace & Jeffery Huffines)

3.4 Conference on South-South Cooperation side event (Florencia Gor)

3.5 Beijing Plus 25 (Soon-Young Yoon)

3.6 Other regional/national meetings where UN2020 is part of program (other meeting participants – “hands up”)

4. Looking ahead – action suggestions for 2019 (Jeffery Huffines)

4.1 AOB

4.2 Next meeting

B) Links to documents mentioned during the January 30 meeting.

The UN2020 Initiative’s website

The Together First network

Civil Society open letter to the President of the UN General Assembly

January 15 remarks by the President of the UN General Assembly

Conference report and Executive Summary from the October 15 2018 information and strategy meeting

Richard Ponzio’s article on the Paris Peace Forum

December 15-16 Doha Forum “Dialogue, Diplomacy, Diversity,” Doha Qatar

Background Brief for the Doha Global Policy Dialogue on Preventive Action, Sustaining Peace, and Global Governance (*Please note that by Feb. 12 the “Action Plan” from this meeting will be finalized and uploaded to the Platform on Global Security, Justice & Governance Reform).

The Stimson Center’s Platform on Global Security, Justice and Governance

Draft program for UN2020 side event at UN Commission on Social Development

Publicity flyer from the Feb 9 to 11 Global Peace Forum taking place in PyeongChang South Korea.

Concept note for the UN2020 side event at the Second High-Level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA+40 Conference) March 20 to 22, Buenos Aires, Argentina

February 21 to 22 Inter-Parliamentary Union, Annual Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations